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Smoking bundles of white sage, gently collected by hand, dried and rolled in natural fibers.
Each about 25 grams and 12-14 cm long, diameter about 4cm.

Energetic cleansing with white sage bundles

Sage is not only considered a medicinal plant for a long time, but also as a cleansing incense. White sage is one of their most sacred plants for the indigenous people of North America. Because of its intense aroma, white sage is especially prized. When smoked, it smells aromatic and fresh, spicy and resinous-sweet. It is said that white sage has a disinfectant effect, has a cleansing effect and promotes concentration. Also, he is gladly taken to drive away insects.

To smoke there are several ways, including the fumigation of sage bundles, the so-called Smudge Sticks.

Smoking rituals have a long tradition

From time immemorial, people have used this opportunity to bring new energy into their homes and apartments. White sage counts here as the incense par excellence. Smoking this plant cleanses the atmosphere of the room. The incense of white sage banishes negative energies, such as those that can arise after prolonged illness, a quarrel or a separation. But also if you feel the desire for change or simply no longer feel completely comfortable in his four walls, offers an energetic purification by smoking the sage. Many people have fixed rituals regarding the frequency of incense. For example, there are people who burn incense every morning to start the purity of the new day; others burn incense at the end of the week to remove negative experiences and burdens of the past days. The negative energies can thus leave the room and there is room for new, positive energies.

Procedure for smoking white sage

Before you free their own four walls from negative energies, the apartment should be clean and tidy. You now carefully light the bundle of white sage. After a short moment, the fire is blown out again. Now the sage glows and can be used for incense. The smoke development is very strong, the smoke should not be inhaled directly. It may also be necessary that you briefly deactivate existing smoke detectors for the time of the incense.

To ensure that the white sage can develop its cleansing effect everywhere, go now with the bundle lying in an incense bowl systematically slowly and carefully through each room. It is best to fan the smoke with your hand or even a feather into the corners of the room and both under, as well as behind the individual pieces of furniture. However, since the smell settles in the clothes, the closet should be left out. The windows can remain closed during the ritual or be opened a small crack. After the fumigation is finished, the room should be well aired in any case. Airing is very important and part of the ritual. By airing the dissolved negative energies can go and thus create space for the positive.

The sage is extinguished in the bowl with sand or earth, if necessary it also goes with water. You can use the bundle until it is completely used up.

Note: Always place the lit sage bundle so that it is not accessible to children and animals.

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