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About us

Who is behind Luxflair?

Luxflair - a Bavarian family businessBeautiful products that bring joy.

Sometimes it's just the little things that bring a smile to the face of yourself, friends, acquaintances or other loved ones. This is also the case with us. It all started with incense sticks. Just by lighting these incense sticks, we were always able to create little oases for ourselves, e.g. after work. But it wasn't just about lighting them, it was a time to reflect and become aware of our current life situation.

It started in the fall

Youtube Video 13 years ago in the fall, we thought about where we had been buying our products and what the production and supply chain might look like. We received little or no answers, apparently the products first pass through many hands before they actually reach the customer. Does that have to be the case? So we sought contact with the individual manufacturers ourselves.

For example, we don't buy our incense sticks from wholesalers or other supply chains, but directly from our partner manufactory in India. They are made especially for us, transported to the nearest port and shipped to Hamburg. From there, our German freight forwarder DACHSER takes them directly to our warehouse in Lower Bavaria. Our products are stored here, spatially separated by topic, so that optimal storage is guaranteed.For us, the processing time is very important. We are not impatient, but we are always pleased with fast deliveries. That's why all orders are put together by us every day (Monday to Friday), packed safely and with love and dispatched. This means you receive your order quickly, directly and without many intermediate steps.

The range is constantly growing

Back to the origin story: Incense sticks were the beginning, followed by other products that give us pleasure. This is also our selection criterion: we only manufacture products that we are convinced of and that we ourselves enjoy. We are not interested in maximizing our product range just to achieve the highest possible turnover. We sell what we enjoy and hopefully we are not alone in this :-)

So we gradually added other areas, including our felt products. We started with felt key rings, thought about what else we would like to have in the household and so our range expanded. We are constantly coming up with new possibilities to expand our range.

We look forward to putting a smile on the face of you and your loved ones. If you have any questions about our products or would like advice, simply send us a short email, give us a call or use the live chat when we are online :-)

Responsibility and sustainability

We are not an international company, but we also see it as our responsibility to lead by example. Our steps are very diverse. Starting with working in partnership with our foreign manufacturers, the conscious selection of regional companies such as our shipping partners, through to special topics such as nature conservation and the like. There is a great deal to tell about this that would take up too much space here. We would be happy to show you our various measures on request and take a look at our living sustainability.