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Living sustainability

LUXflair company buildingAs a family business, we are very closely involved in all processes and approach the topic of sustainability not from a marketing perspective but instead we use the opportunities to create positive effects for our environment environment, our employees and ourselves. We don't like green-washing but are happy to explain what moves us and how we achieve this.

Office & Co

  • We only use green electricity, both ourselves in the office and our partners (e.g. server hosting).
  • Bright, light-flooded rooms with LED lighting throughout. Together with presence detectors, this saves energy when no one is in the room.
  • Modern office building with good insulation avoids energy loss. Additionally intelligent ventilation or shading for further energy reduction.
  • Charging stations for our employees to charge free of charge. Active support for e-mobility.
  • Strong digitalization of all processes, e.g. invoices sent automatically by email, thus eliminating unnecessary paper consumption.
  • Photovoltaic system with battery storage. Utilization is is highest during working hours, when the highest electricity electricity production. In summer, we are 98% self-sufficient with solar power.

Order processing

Cardboard recycling
  • We are constantly optimizing our shipping processes, e.g. by making greater use of recycled cardboard boxes.
  • Reducing waste through our own cardboard shredder: used cardboard boxes are returned to the cycle returned to the cycle as padding material. This means additional savings on plastic air cushions.
  • Processing of returns as discounted second choice or discounted second choice or supplying suitable organizations, e.g. donation of seat cushions for kindergarten groups.


  • No use of questionable substances, e.g. biocides for anti-mosquito products (keyword "bee mortality")
  • Despite reliable partners, our products are also regularly tested by regularly tested for harmful substances by independent German laboratories - always always without findings.
  • Careful use of resources, wood as a raw material (e.g. incense stick holders) from sustainable sources.

For the future

  • Acquisition of suitable land for the creation and maintenance of flowering areas, flowering meadows and bee pastures.