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Authentic incense sticks

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Incense sticks set "Heart of India

€17.00  €25.00  (32% saved)
Incense cone set, 8 scents

€14.00  €29.00  (51.72% saved)
Natural incense stick set - NATURAL (6 varieties)

€20.00  €40.00  (50% saved)
Premium myrrh 50g

Content: 50 Gramm (€18.00  / 100 Gramm)

€9.00  €14.00  (35.71% saved)
Natural incense sticks sandalwood - NATURAL SANDAL

€4.00  €8.00  (50% saved)
Sheesham wood incense cone box

€7.00  €12.00  (41.67% saved)

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We are not a traditional retailer that buys and resells products. We are passionate about what we do and we do everything we can to offer you top quality at favourable prices. 
We have our incense sticks manufactured in factories in India - without any intermediary importers or wholesalers. We visit our partners regularly and develop the incense sticks together. 
Over the last few years, we have developed a friendly relationship with many people at the production sites that can be described as familial. Joint celebrations in private and professional settings are a clear sign that the cooperation is also highly valued on a human level by both sides. We have compiled numerous reports, photos and videos if you would like to find out more about the production of incense sticks. Translated with (free version)



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Den Frühling in vollen Zügen genießen

Mit dem Frühling erwacht die Natur zu neuem Leben und bietet zahlreiche Möglichkeiten, um die Sinne zu beleben.

Vegan incense sticks: Fragrances for environmentally responsible connoisseurs

Vegan incense sticks are not only an alternative for vegans, but also for environmentally conscious people who favour sustainable products. So why not pay attention to this with incense sticks too?

Make your own incense sticks - a DIY guide

Immerse yourself in the world of scents and discover with us how you can easily make your own incense sticks at home. Find out what benefits homemade incense sticks offer and what materials and tools you need to make them.