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Premium Smoking Set / Starter Set incl. incense charcoal, sand and incense blends

Our Premium Smoking Set is perfect for all beginners. With this set you can start smoking right away.

The set consists of incense charcoal (10 charcoal tablets), incense sand (200g), incense (50g) and an incense blend (50g) of our choice (incense unblocker, incense sandalwood, dragon blood, copal, Jerusalem incense, Go Away Evil, St. Michael, Dammar Resin or Benzoin).

The incense sand is considered the base for the charcoal to protect the incense burner or bowl.

The incense sand serves as insulation and is indispensable. This sand has a perfect grain size, it is neither too fine nor too coarse. It weakens the heat of the coal and ventilates the coal, thus it burns better.

You will receive:

  • Sand for smoking (200g)
  • Incense charcoal (1 pack - 10 charcoal tablets)
  • Incense (50g)
  • Incense blend of our choice (50g)

For smoking you still need a fireproof vessel or base. Also for lighting the incense charcoal you still need a coal or barbecue tongs.

Now you can start right away ;-)

  1. Fill generously incense sand in the bowl or in the smoking vessel.
  2. Hold the incense charcoal with the barbecue tongs and light it. In the process, of course, please watch out for flammable materials. Now the coal glows evenly.
  3. Place the coal in the incense burner. Wait another couple of minutes before you give the incense on the coal. Add incense resins or herbs on the coal and enjoy wonderful aroma.

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