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Copal white is the resin of the copal tree. It originates from Indonesia and belongs to the winged fruit family. It was already used by the ancient Mayans to open the senses, the soul and the spirit to the spiritual. It is available in three different versions: gold, black and white. These incense resins can be used as a mixture, but it is also very suitable for incense burning on its own, without other incense resins. White copal is primarily associated with healing and protective properties, for which it is often used.

Burned as incense, the refreshing, slightly lemony scent has a cleansing effect and is therefore suitable for detoxifying the soul and spirit. It has the same high value as incense and is also used for similar purposes.

The incense produces a light-filled smoke. This is because white copal clears the mind and promotes calmness and alertness, as well as a focus on the essentials.

Article type: Incense
Fragrance group: Special
Fragrance: Copal
Fragrance type: Flavoured
Origin: India

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14 January 2018

Ich habe zwar die Harze noch nicht ausprobiert, bin aber von der liebevollen Verpackung und vom Duft des Probe-Räucherstäbchens begeistert.

12 November 2017

Wollte statt Weihrauch mal was anderes probieren. Lieferung erfolgte schnell. Verpackung ist ansprechend. Zum Aroma kann ich noch nichs sagen, da ich es noch nicht ausprobiert habe.

20 September 2017

Ich bin wirklich begeistert von diesem Räucherprodukt.<br />Dachte, naja das wird meiner Familie vielleicht nicht so gefallen.<br />Ganz im Gegenteil, es ist ein angenehmer, nicht zu intensiver Duft.<br />Kann es nur weiterempfehlen der räuchern liebt wie ich.<br />Außerdem hat diese Firma einfach die mega Auswahl darin.

Incense sticks Copal set of 10
Copal incense sticks have a slightly citrusy fragrance with a balsamic note. Often used in incense burnings for energetic cleansing, especially as the scent is very similar to that of incense. The sticks are said to have a mood-enhancing and purifying effect. Ideally suited for meditation or rituals.One pack contains 8 incense sticks, each with a glow time of 30-45 minutes. You will receive 10 packs.

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Incense sticks Copal
Copal incense sticks have a slightly citrusy scent with a balsamic distress. Often used in incense for energetic cleansing, especially since the scent is very similar to that of incense. The sticks are said to have a mood-lifting and cleansing effect. Best suited for meditation or rituals.A pack contains 8 incense sticks with a respective burning time of 30-45 minutes..